The Bearded Lady Project movie poster.
The Bearded Lady Project movie poster.

A young paleontologist (who happens to be female) embarks on an unusual endeavor to recruit female paleontologists in an effort to challenge the stereotypical face of science by wearing fake beards.


The burly bearded male has dominated the professional landscape and the covers of National Geographic for far too long. Paleobotanist Dr. Ellen Currano finally decides to take a stand when she realizes that her efforts and achievements continue to go unnoticed and unrewarded. Turns out, she is not alone.

The Bearded Lady Project: Challenging the Face of Science is a short documentary film that demonstrates the competencies and passions of female paleontologists and how this unfair, gendered stereotype can be easily diminished with the donning of a beard. How, with some well-placed facial hair, any female scientist can be perceived as equally rugged, tough and determined.

With insights into the benefits of scientific careers for women, a glimpse at professional role models, and a positive dose of wit, the Bearded Lady Project is invested in changing the face of science, and encouraging a new generation of women to focus on a career in this field of study.

Runtime: 22min

A screener of the film will be available Summer 2017. Please email Lexi Jamieson Marsh at for more information.

The feature Length Documentary is currently in post-production. Estimated runtime: 53 min.


After a year and a half of filming, we cut a trailer for the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting in 2015 to showcase the variety of women who work in paleontology as well as offer a better idea of what the final documentary will look like.

In late July of 2014, our crew began filming The Bearded Lady Project in the Hanna Basin, Wyoming.  From this shoot we are able to provide you with these two trailers.