About the Project

The Bearded Lady Project: Challenging the Face of Science’s mission is twofold.  First, to celebrate the inspirational and adventurous women who choose to dedicate their lives in the search of clues to the history of life on earth.  And second, to educate the public on the inequities and prejudices that exist in the field of science, with special emphasis on the geosciences.

The vision for this project is to complete a feature length live-action documentary as well as to develop and display a touring portrait series.  We hope our film and portrait series will inspire young women to pursue a career in geoscience.  In an effort to do all that we can, both film and portrait series will dedicate their proceeds to a scholarship fund to support future female scientists.

We Owe Big Thanks To:

  • The National Science Foundation for Dr. Ellen Currano’s CAREER Grant,
  • The Paleontological Society, PS Outreach and Education Grant,
  • The University of Exeter, UK,
  • The Puffin Foundation,
  • many of our family members: Ljuba & Brian Marsh, Peter Jamieson, John & Diane Currano, Jim Vance, and Louis DeBiasio (we couldn’t have gotten this started without you!),
  • and many generous friends, colleagues, and strangers that have donated to the project.  We appreciate all of it!
Lexi Jameison Marsh, Ellen Currano, and Kelsey Vance in Hanna Basin, Wyoming during their first shoot for the project in July 2014. Image © 2017 Draper White.